How to Have Sex With a Fat Girl in Different Sex Positions

Fat sex is totally possible, and it’s pretty damn good. Just like skinny sex, it’s all about what works and feels great for you and your partner.

While a large belly can get in the way during traditional missionary, elevating her hips with a few pillows allows a deeper penetration of her g-spot. Try it out!

The Seated Position

Fat girls, just like anyone else, can enjoy sex in a variety of positions. As long as you and your partner have good communication, open up, and try new things (along with lots of lube), you should be able to find what feels best to both of you.

Seated positions can be fun for all couples, and they’re also one of the easiest to use on a bigger body. Just make sure the chair is sturdy and that it’s on flooring that won’t slide easily. If your legs are dangling over the edge of the chair, consider placing them on a table, counter, or piece of furniture for extra stability and support.

This position is great for beginners and can take your sex life to the next level. It’s a good idea to tuck a pillow beneath your hips to add friction and increase pleasure. Depending on how well your boobs are shaped, this position can provide deeper penetration than the missionary or cowgirl position. Just make sure your vagina is properly lubricated and your labia are parted to avoid any resistance or pain.

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The Doggie-Style Position

If you’re a fat girl who wants to try doggy style, make sure to get some good lubrication. It’s a great position for boosting sensation, and it allows the giver to feel a lot more of your clitoris. But be careful—it can also cause too much penetration. If you’re uncomfortable with this, ask your partner to go slow or to use a smaller plug.

Another plus to doggy is that it can stimulate the tip of your cervix, often called the A-spot, as well. The giving partner may want to mix some shallower strokes in with the deep ones to create a tantalizing rhythm.

If doggy isn’t working out, you can always switch things up with a variation like standing doggy, where the penetrating partner stands on their rear end while the receiver is bent over. Or you could even try a more intimate version, like the sideways crunched turtle position. Just remember to keep open communication with your partner and to experiment until you find what works for both of you. That’s the secret to having a fulfilling sexual life, no matter your size.

The Missionary Position

A classic sex position that’s good for all genders, the missionary is when the person being plowed lies on their back with their legs in between those of the penetrator. This is a particularly good position for beginners since it doesn’t require much skill or physical strength. It also makes it easy for the top partner to caress their bottom partners feet and thighs, a sensation many find intensely pleasurable.

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For added pleasure, the bottom partner can wiggle their hips in a circle or a wave-like pattern to stimulate the g-spot. They can also tuck a pillow under their knees to add a little more friction, if desired.

Missionary sex can become a bit boring for some couples so it might be a good idea to try bondage or blindfolding during this position to spice things up a bit. If she’s open to it, you can even try experimenting with other rooms in the house and even outside to see what experiences are more enjoyable to both of you.

The Cowgirl Position

Whether you’re looking to impress a new partner or spice up an existing one, this position is a great choice for plus-size women. It allows you to feel penetration differently, stimulate your G-spot, and give your partner a view of your delicious curves.

Traditionally, the person penetrating lies on their back with their legs straight out in front of them. The receiver sits straddling them in a kneeling or squatting position and lowers herself onto the penis so that they can ride her. This allows the person on top to control the rhythm, pace, and extent of vaginal stimulation, as well as stimulate the clitoris.

It’s a great position for fat women because it doesn’t require any bending or scooting to get your body into place, and it can easily be used with sex toys like vibrators and cock rings. The only downside to cowgirl is that the weight of the rider on the bottom can cause a possible penile fracture, so it’s important for both partners to be careful. If you want to reduce the risk, try using a pillow under the receiver’s hips to elevate their tummy flesh.

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The Butterfly Position

Whether you’re fat or skinny, you’ll probably have a few favorite sexual positions that you love to use with your partner. Luckily, there’s no sex position that can’t be made better with a little creativity and a few extra tools.

For example, the traditional Missionary position works well for everyone — but if you have longer legs, consider putting them over your partner’s shoulders in the Butterfly position for a sexy variation on this classic. This positioning is great for deep penetration and stimulating the clitoris, as it offers lots of leverage and torque. And if you have a big tummy, elevating it with a pillow or two can help to make it easier for the giver to enter your vagina.

Of course, foreplay is always a good idea to boost pleasure and excitement before you try new sex positions. So, take your time to explore each other’s bodies with your hands, lips, and tongue before you get started. And be open to new ideas and suggestions from your partner — that’s what makes sexual exploration such a fun adventure!

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