How to Have Sex in the Shower

A shower can be a very intimate place for sex, especially if you add a non-slip bath mat. But slippery surfaces and watery lubrication can make this kind of sex a bit more complicated—and potentially dangerous.

If you want to try penetrative sex in the shower, have your partner stand against the wall and then lift one leg up (or bend it at the knee if that feels more comfortable). This gives them support so they can enter from behind.

Doggy Position

One of the safest shower sex positions (especially for beginners), this position allows your partner to take full control. Have them sit in the shower with their back against the wall and their legs spread out straight behind them to allow you to straddle them. They can then penetrate you, finger you, use a waterproof vibrator, or whatever else they fancy. And since it’s face-to-face sex, it’ll feel extra steamy, especially with the water coming down around you both.

Another variation on this position is for your partner to stand with their feet on the floor and hold you from behind with a hand on your hip or the shower curtain. They can then finger your clitoris, breasts, or butt, as well as penetrating you vaginally or anally with a penis or dildo. This position is also good for oral sex, says Dr. Lawless, and it’s a great way to explore each other’s erogenous zones.

As with any sex, it’s important to communicate with your partner so they know which techniques and types of touch you enjoy. But don’t force yourself into a position if it feels uncomfortable or painful. And remember, the bathroom is a wet environment, so it’s easy to slip and fall, which can be really embarrassing in front of your partner. A good nonskid mat on the floor of the tub or a bath mat outside of the shower will help you stay stable and safe.

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Missionary Position

There comes a time when you look in the shower and think, hey, we should totally have sex in here. It’s a great way to have some intimate play with your partner when you’re horny without having to go upstairs or deal with the messiness of getting ready for bed. Plus, a recent non-scientific survey from Trojan Lubricants found that 60 percent of people want to try shower sex!

But sex in the shower can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to it. It’s a wet environment that can make you slippery, and it can be easy to lose your balance. To avoid getting hurt, White recommends avoiding positions that require a lot of acrobatics in the shower. Instead, opt for stable positions that don’t have you grabbing onto things that can fall or break (like glass shower doors).

For example, try the missionary position, which has your partner leaning back against the wall in front of them and wrapping one leg around their waist to create a secure hold. They can then penetrate, finger, or use a waterproof vibrator to please you. It’s a good option for penetrative sex, but it also works well for oral sex. Just remember to take turns and watch out for mouthfuls of water!

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Leg Up Position

The idea of having sex in the shower sounds so sultry and romantic—but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s often slippery and cramped, it’s hard to lather up (if that’s ever been a concern), and even the most intimate moments under the water can feel awkward. It can also be dangerous if you’re not careful.

If you’re looking to spice things up without sacrificing stability, try the leg up position. Lean your back against the wall and have your partner straddle you, putting their foot on the floor of the tub or on a non-slip shower mat if available. This way, you can both enjoy the intimacy of being face to face and the sensation of stroking each other’s erogenous zones.

You can also use this position to have a little fun with a waterproof vibrator or sex toy—all are fair game for shower sex, says LELO sex expert Casey Tanner, LCPC. You can do some foreplay by running the water over erogenous zones like the nipples, back of the neck, wrists, and clitoris, and then switch it up with some penetrative action in the heat of the moment. Just make sure you both have the proper lubrication to avoid chaffing and uncomfortable friction. Bringing a bit of extra lube into the shower is always a good idea.

Hot Seat

Shower sex sounds like it has the potential to be super hot, but it’s also slippery and awkward, and you can wind up with multiple mouthfuls of water. Plus, it’s easy to get inadvertently stuck in sexy position and end up in need of a trip to the emergency room. That’s why a little bit of prep is key.

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“Penetration isn’t the holy grail of shower play, but it can be really fun to try out different angles for vaginal penetration from behind or anal penetration,” sex therapist and LELO sex expert Casey Tanner tells Refinery29. And of course, the shower is a great place to use a waterproof vibrator or dildo.

One of the most classic shower sex positions is the doggy position. The receiver puts their palms on the shower wall, leans toward it at a 45-degree angle with their knees slightly bent for stability, and then the penetrating partner holds up one of their legs (or bends it in the crook of their elbow if it’s more comfortable) to enter the receiver astride. You can also put on some intimate music, add lubrication, and just have fun playing with penetration. And don’t forget to bring lots of waterproof lube. “Most importantly, you want to be able to stay in the position as long as possible without slipping or hurting yourself,” Moyle says.

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