What Makes a Woman Sexy?

Women are inundated with wave after wave of flawless beauty every minute of the day. This can be overwhelming and lead to a sense of insecurity about what makes them sexy.

Femininity is about both appearance and attitude. A woman who knows her own power and carries herself in a strong way is hot.

1. Confidence

When a woman looks confident, it draws men to her. It doesn’t mean she needs to be cocky or overly arrogant, but rather that she is comfortable in her own skin and knows her worth. This quality is extremely attractive to guys, and it can be as simple as a woman who smiles brightly and makes eye contact with people.

It could also be the way she walks, where she accentuates her hips and backside with a subtle swaying motion. The way she brushes her hair or holds her hands can also be sexy, as long as it doesn’t seem like she is trying too hard.

Ambition is sexy as well, because it shows that she has a vision for her life and is going after what she wants. This is a sexy trait that a man can find appealing, as it means he has a mate who will be there for him through good and bad times.

Public displays of affection are always sexy, so don’t be afraid to grab her by the waist while walking down the street or kiss her neck when you are at the grocery store. You can even surprise her by giving her a big hug in public and saying that you love her. These are simple things that will make her feel sexy and turn her on in ways you may not have expected.

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2. Kindness

Men want to feel safe with the woman they date, and they’ll only trust a woman who is kind. Kindness may not seem like the sexiest trait to focus on, but it is the most important quality women seek in a partner.

It also indicates emotional maturity, which is a desirable quality in women. A woman who is kind shows that she is able to deal with life’s problems and will be a safe place for her partner when they need her.

Women with kindness are attractive to men because they are able to show empathy to others. This helps to build trust between people and makes it easier to connect with one another. It also allows people to see the best in others and treat them as their equals.

While physical traits such as a large smile and high-pitched voice are sexy, the most sexy women have a big heart. A woman who can make herself laugh at her own jokes is a true charmer and a joy to be around.

A sense of humor is an obvious turn-on for many men. However, a woman who can keep up with her man’s quick wit is a real winner in their eyes. This is because a woman with a wry smile and a clever comeback can instantly brighten up their day.

3. Passion

Women are sexy when they feel passionate about something. This could be their hobby, a sport or even their career. When they have a passion for something, they will work hard to be good at it and are excited to talk about it. This is what makes a woman sexy because she feels good about herself and her accomplishments.

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This passion also helps a woman to be more confident in her skin and body. Women love to be complimented on their appearance so they will feel great about themselves. They will want to show off their new lingerie, a new outfit or just their hair when they feel sexy.

When you want to compliment a woman on her body, instead of using the word sexy, try other words that will make her feel good such as alluring or captivating. These words are more descriptive and will tell her that she is seducing you and holding you spellbound.

It is important to be genuine with your compliments because a woman can smell bullshit from a mile away. She will know that you are saying these things to make her feel sexy and not because of any other reason. Try to look her in the eye when you say these words and she will appreciate your sincerity. This will make her want to hold you closer and kiss you longer.

4. Compassion

A woman who is compassionate shows care and concern for others. She’s not just looking out for herself, but also genuinely wants to see her friends and family happy. She’s the one who is never too busy to give her time to the people in her life. She makes a guy feel good because she’s a generous and thoughtful person.

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A compassionate woman is also a good listener and she’s not afraid to talk about her feelings. She’s not judgmental and she’ll be there for her friend when they need her. She will support and encourage her friends even if she doesn’t agree with their decisions.

Women who are compassionate are often thought of as sensitive and thoughtful. They’re able to take on the perspective of someone else, which allows them to be more understanding of what other people are going through. This is what makes them irresistible to men.

If you want to make your lady love you more, show her that you are a compassionate person. Tell her that you admire her ability to think about other people’s opinions and feelings before judging them. She’ll be pleasantly surprised that you noticed her thoughtfulness. If you catch her eye in public, gently kiss her on the cheek or caress her neck. This lets her know that you’re not shy to show your affection and it will make her feel sexy.

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