Is a Girl a Boy or a Girl Having Sex?

If she’s horny and eager to get down, it’s likely the sex will be hot. But be careful, she may not be ovulating or able to conceive.

Some people use the Shettles method to determine if they will conceive a boy or girl. Unfortunately, it has little scientific basis.

What Makes a Person a Boy or a Girl?

Biologically, the difference between boys and girls is determined by the X and Y chromosomes that are present in an egg or sperm. Eggs get their X from their mother and sperm get their Y from their father. If a sperm with an X chromosome fertilizes an egg with a Y chromosome, the baby will be male. If a sperm with a Y chromosome fertilizes an egg, the baby will be female.

But is it possible to skew the odds and choose whether to have a boy or girl? Many couples swear by what’s called the “Shettles method,” which details exactly when and how to have sex in order to conceive a boy or girl. Essentially, this method claims that sex should be had on the day of or just after ovulation, and with the woman entered from behind using the missionary or girl-on-top position to ensure deep penetration. Douching with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of water may also be helpful in promoting deep penetration.

It’s also believed that any sex position that makes the woman orgasm will result in a girl, because of how the orgasm changes the pH balance in the reproductive tract to favor acidic conditions that make male sperm more likely to die in that environment than female sperm. However, research has largely debunked this theory and other similar ones.

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The bottom line is that the sex of a healthy human is determined at conception by a combination of genes and hormones. Hormones are chemical messages that tell the body how to grow and develop. Both boys and girls have glands in their bodies that produce these hormones. These are called the testes and the ovaries. The testes make sperm and the ovaries make eggs.

What Makes a Person a Girl?

Many young people are unsure of what it means to be a girl, especially in the context of having sex. It’s even more confusing in a culture that, when it comes to educating teens about sex, is focused on heterosexuality. And the few depictions of lesbian sex that exist tend to be filtered through male eyes for male enjoyment.

Girls have reproductive parts inside their body called gonads, and they also have genitals that are either clearly male or female (see picture below). They make hormones that affect how they develop as boys or girls. People have 46 chromosomes, and two of these are sex chromosomes, which are genes that control how the body grows and develops.

Most girls have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. This is why most girls have a vagina and a cervix, while most boys have testes and a penis.

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When it comes to sex, what makes a girl good in bed is her confidence and enthusiasm. She doesn’t let a guy get the better of her, and she isn’t afraid to use words or nonverbals to convey her likes and dislikes. A girl who is good in bed doesn’t make a guy feel bad for his sexual fantasies, which is something guys really appreciate.

A good way to turn a girl on is to show her that you’re interested in all of her, not just her body. Ask her about her friends, her dreams, and what she thinks about the world around her. Use eye contact, and let her know that you care about what she has to say. This will help her trust you. Finally, if she’s a girl who has deep moral or religious beliefs that make her uninterested in sex, respect that. It takes some people a long time to be ready for sex, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

What Makes a Person a Boy?

A few weeks ago, the NY Times published a survey that asked 106 10th grade boys a few simple questions like: “Why do you date?” and “Why do you have sex?” The article went viral because of the interesting results it generated. The majority of the boys who responded claimed they dated and had sex for “relational” reasons. This included things like wanting to get to know the person better, or just for the excitement and thrill of it. However, many boys also admitted to lying on the survey because they didn’t want to admit that they only wanted sex.

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It turns out that the reason most boys date is because they are insecure. They constantly seek validation through others, whether this is in the form of compliments, attention or a trophy girlfriend. They are looking for a puzzle piece who can fill in the missing gaps to complete their self-image. They want someone who will make them look good and be their equal.

Often, they are attracted to girls who are traditionally feminine in nature because they feel comfortable and safe with them. The boy-next-door has a familiar charm that is comforting and reassuring. It’s because of this that girls find these guys appealing. They are not the typical Prince Charming, but they are more of a “real guy” who isn’t afraid to show their sensitive side.

As a society, we need to understand that sex is more than just physical. We must learn to value the emotional and spiritual aspects of our relationships as well. Until we do, we will continue to see young men act in ways that are damaging to their future and the future of women around them.

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