How to Have a Sex Dream

Imagining sexy scenarios during the day can lead to sexy dreams at night. It can also help to listen to sensual music or read sexy material before bed.

Using lucid dreaming techniques can help you control aspects of your dream, including who you want to have sex with. This can be especially helpful if you are dreaming about a friend that you may not be attracted to in real life.

Sleeping Positions

The sleeping position you adopt for bed may affect the sexual content of your dreams. According to a 2012 study published in the journal Dreaming, those who sleep on their stomachs have more erotic and wet dreams than those who sleep on their backs or sides. The authors theorize that this is because sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on different parts of your body, which may be a source of sexual sensations and imagery in your dreams.

Other factors can affect your sleep position, including outside influences like spicy food or a rattling window. You can also try lulling yourself to sleep with a sensual audio story or erotic novel as you drift off to bed. The app Dipsea has a section of calming stories that are geared specifically toward this purpose, or any other sexy bedtime story will do the trick.

Remember that not all sex dreams have deep meaning, and it’s possible for the turns-ons of your imagination to change over time. However, your sex dreams can be a useful tool for bringing more intimacy into your relationship, as long as you communicate openly and honestly with any sexual partners about your desires and boundaries.

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Lucid Dreaming

Many lucid dreamers are interested in having sex in their dreams. This is a huge motivation for starting lucid dreaming, which involves becoming aware that you are dreaming and can control your actions in the dream. This can allow you to play out your erotic fantasies, such as dreaming about having sex with someone who is a character in the dream.

Dream sex can be as realistic as real sex, and it can even lead to orgasms in some people. In fact, researchers have found that sex in a lucid dream can cause the same physical responses as sex in real life. However, it is important to remember that sex in a dream is not the same as actual physical intimacy.

Having a sexy dream may take some time to master, and the first few times might not be very exciting. To get the most out of it, try to do all of the things that you would prepare for a sexy night in real life. Wearing sexy lingerie, putting on some sensual music and setting the mood are all good ideas.


Dreams are mysterious, and decoding them isn’t always easy. For example, if you dreamed about sleeping with your boss, it might not be meant as sexual arousal but rather a message from your subconscious about something you need to connect to in your life. Similarly, dreams about sex with people who don’t exist in real life can also hold meaning. “They’re probably about some quality or trait you admire or respect about them,” Loewenberg says, such as their intelligence, courage, or power.

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Try imagining your ideal partner before bed, and it might not be long before you start to experience physical arousal in your sleep. Then, when you wake up, write down the details of your erotic dream in a journal. There are lots of aesthetically pleasing dream journals out there, but any notebook will do. And don’t be afraid to experiment with masturbation before bed – it can be sexually satisfying, relaxing, and help you drift into a sexy dream. Just don’t overdo it because your body needs to rest. You could also try stroking or playing with certain parts of your body like the nipples to get your mind in a sexy mood before sleeping.

Sexy Music

If you want to get your body and mind primed for sex, turn on some sultry music before bed. Whether it’s a classic like Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make Love To You or a modern hit from BANKS, music has long been used to trigger sexual fantasies.

Dreams are often symbolic of parts of your psyche that need more attention, says Tammy Nelson, a sex and relationship expert and licensed psychotherapist. Dreams about sex, for instance, can be related to your hormones, your sexual desires or even the role sex plays in your current romantic situation.

Listening to sexy music or an erotic audiobook while you sleep can also boost your chances of having a sexy dream. For example, the free app Dipsea has an entire section devoted to lulling you to sleep with stories that are more sensual than your average bedtime tale. Listen to these stories alone or with a partner before bed to set the mood for sexy dreams.

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Whether you have an amazing wet dream or just one that gets your juices flowing, it’s important to remember that sexual dreams are completely normal and healthy. They can help you to explore your own kinks and desires in a safe and private way, as well as give you ideas about what you might want to try in real life.

For example, if you’re dreaming about oral sex, this could suggest that you need to give yourself permission to experiment with different methods of intimacy, says Walfish. This may include trying out BDSM or toys, which can be intimidating to some people.

To get the most out of your sex dreams, try keeping a journal by your bed to write down what you dreamed about each night. There are many aesthetically stunning dream journals available, but a simple notebook will do the trick too. You can also use techniques like visualization or sexy music to set the mood for your dreams, which will help increase their erotic content. Just don’t let your dreams lead to anything that goes against your own moral code or isn’t in line with your goals for yourself or your relationship.

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